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Re-Modelista: Your Home Renovation Specialist home repair and remodeling

The Get-It-Done Diva

by Sarah Warburton (Featured in UpClose Magazine)

    Does your bathroom need a re-do or your outdoor kitchen need a do-over? You don’t have to start the process of calling friends, asking for recommendations, getting in different contractors for quotes...only to feel stuck with the first one you pick. Call the Re-Modelista, Teri Gilberg, the “Get-it-done Diva.” She’ll meet you, talk about your contracting needs, and match you with the right team for the job. All you’ll need to do is watch the magic happen!
    After years of working in the contracting business with companies big and small, Teri decided she could offer a better value out on her own. She says, “I used to coordinate contractors for one of the biggest ‘Big Box Stores.’ The same contractors we used I knew could do their own work often at a lower price for the customer. With one eye on quality and the other on VALUE, I felt unsatisfied not giving the customer the best bang for their buck.  I know people are familiar with wedding planners and event coordinators...remodeling is exactly that type of event where you need a coordinator most. That’s where I come in!”
    If you want remodeling done, call Teri, your personal Re-Modelista. She says, “I’ll come over and we’ll discuss what you want done. Then I’ll introduce you to the contractor I think would be the best fit for the job and your personality. All our teams have had thorough background checks and years of experience. Two of the contractors I work with most often have sixty years combined experience in the industry! We can give you a ‘turnkey’ job in just about any area of your home!”
    Working with a contractor you don’t know can be awkward...that’s why local homeowners consider Teri their go-to Girl Friday for remodels that reflect your personal style. She says, “Since I work with several contractors, it’s easy to find the perfect match. If you do need a change, there’s no worry. Just give me a call and I’ll handle everything! Basically you’ll get the choice and peace of mind you’d get going through Home Depot or Lowe’s...at a better price!” 

Re-Modelista: Your Home Renovation Specialist
“She Gets the Job Done!”