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The Re-Modelista

Re-Modelista: Your Home Renovation Specialist home repair and remodeling

Re-modelista: Your Home Renovation Specialist Home Repair And Remodeling

​"She Gets the job done!"

The Re-Modelista, Teri Gilberg, is dedicated to providing you with top-notch home renovation services. After years of working in the contracting business with companies big and small, Teri decided she could offer a better value out on her own. She used to coordinate contractors for one of the biggest ‘Big Box Stores.’ The same contractors they used she knew could do their own work often at a lower price for the customer. With one eye on quality and the other on VALUE, Teri felt unsatisfied not giving the customer the best bang for their buck.  the Re-Modelista knows people are familiar with wedding planners and event coordinators...remodeling is exactly that type of event where you need a coordinator most. That’s where she comes in!